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Heather Andrews is a lifestyle strategist and self publishing coach who works with individuals to help them share their story with the world by publishing their works online. Heather believes we all have a story worth sharing and works with with her clients to get their stories polished and ready to shine brightly in front of the world through her publishing services.
Heather has published 70 Amazon Best Selling Co-Authors under her Follow It Thru Publishing label in just one year. Her own compilation book is a 5x Amazon Best Seller and she has co-authored in 8 different books. As an author and speaker, Heather has been spotlighted on various radio show networks and on stage, has shared her message with thousands.

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Knight Shift

By: Suzanne LaVoie “What does it feel like when your life is suddenly turned upside down? What happens when a life event occurs that you were not expecting, and your personal and professional plans are thwarted? Nothing makes sense. The path you are now on is nothing like the one you were walking before, and there is nothing but the overwhelming darkness of uncertainty and fear. Meet Sage Knight, whose life has become this new reality, and is now faced with a trail of anxiety and confusion. It is at those times when one is seeking answers, she or he must be open to new possibilities.” LEARN MORE

The Shopgirl

By: Elisa Donahue

"At 30 years old Erika Leib’s personal hardships have stalled her into a mundane life of safety and security...

It’s not where she thought she’d be but she’s content.

That all changed, however, after her chance meeting with actor, Xavier James. Soon Erika begins to re-evaluate her own worth and must decide if she’s ready to rediscover the girl who once would leap without thinking or if she’s prepared to stay just another shopgirl. LEARN MORE

Putting the Pieces Together

By: Nicki Chang-Powless

"Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business is your step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about starting and running your business during these critical years. Stop guessing about what to do, how to find answers and who can help you on this journey." LEARN MORE

A Year of Inspiration 2019 Calendar

By: Danielle Lynn

"Life is busy and active and can become a giant pile of tasks and obligations with no end in sight. Overwhelm and stress can take over. Danielle Lynn, bestselling author on Amazon, has developed a layout within her spirited daily planner to help maintain organization and a schedule, provide regular inspiration and restore commitment to your daily activities. Each month is designed to recognize gratitude, share motivational words and quotes for the month, budget your finances, and track your monthly appointments alongside the beautiful photographs of nature and the changing seasons." LAUNCHING OCTOBER 2018

Past Book Compilations

What's Self Love Got To Do With It?

"What's self love got to do with it?" is your go-to guide for overcoming feelings of unworthiness, how to move away from those feelings, find your worth and achieve your wildest dreams even if you don't believe that you can. More Details

The Real Journey of the Empowered Mom Boss

This book is filled with vulnerable, raw, courageous stories from 19 empowered female business owners. Each story is punctuated with brilliant tips and inspiring lessons learned. These women persevered in the midst of extreme challenges to reach a place of peace in their work and family lives. More Details

Follow It Thru: Obstacles Equal Opportunities


Each story in this book will guide you to dig deep, look inward, and love yourself enough to change, so you too can find a similar outcome as the co-authors. They found and longed for: happiness, security, and clear direction.

Our wish for you is that no matter what obstacle you are facing, you will discover the lessons and opportunities within these stories that will help you on your path. Remember, your journey only begins when you meet the obstacles on that path. It starts with one small step towards the life you have dreamed of and deserve.

More Details

Reno Rising

Compiled by: Susan Ackerman

Tragedy. TRIUMPH. Adversity. OVERCOMING. Darkness. LIGHT. Defeat. VICTORY. These are the words that describe and epitomize a group of brave and fearless women whose stories comprise this highly inspirational and powerful book. Fourteen women based out of the city of Reno, Nevada, who experienced multiple challenges, obstacles, and hardships throughout their lives, but chose to do something about it--they chose to RISE.

Reno Rising is not just a book. It is a movement, a way of life. Real women who made the decision to believe in themselves, grab their inner power back and stand up for what they were truly about. These stories are written by every woman for every woman. Reno Rising is the blueprint for rebuilding new paths, adventures, callings, and mindsets.

Fourteen courageous women invite you to become part of their stories, to rise above your own circumstances. Reno Rising is more than a compilation--it is life. Be part of the evolution. Come rise with us.
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