Do you have a money story? One that has stopped you from living your best life? Have you overcome that money story and would love to share it as a published author? This is your time to share that story. We all have a story. Sometimes those stories are simply things we tell ourselves and truly believe about money. Those stories we can be used to help others overcome their own money stories so they can have the life they desire, too.

My story really stemmed from self-worth issues…

and thinking that certain things and more education was my key to success, but I only landed myself in a deep load of debt. Thankfully, opportunities blossomed around me once I changed my story about money and realized I was worthy, deserving and open to receive what I wanted and to build the business I wanted. The thing was I did know enough to be successful and I was worth it.

Most importantly, I needed to teach my children that very lesson. I did, however, wonder where my money story came from?

I never lacked for anything growing up; however, my family was not rich. We were rich with love and had enough money to buy what we needed. My dad was an entrepreneur and worked tirelessly to make an income to support his family. I remember spending many appointments at the bank because my mom and dad were always buying new equipment for their business. My mom would always tell me they borrowed money from the bank to make the business better.

I don’t ever remember hearing we don’t have enough money but I do remember listening to conversations about some months my dad had less business than others.

I was taught what work ethic was and how to have one early in life, and I knew I had to work to earn the money for the education I needed, the clothes I wanted, and the gas I needed to put in the car I was given as we lived in the country. In retrospect, my story was simple this: I had to work hard with long hours to make the money I wanted so I could live the life I wanted, even if it meant going into debt because I knew there was more coming in each month.

Having that mentality can get a person into trouble quickly if they don’t pay that debt off monthly.

After I began my entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago, I got swirled into the online space of hiring high-end coaches so I could learn how to make the big money quickly. Needless to say, I have learned so much of what not to do as you start a business, and I created quite the mess for my family financially, which I am happy to say I have recovered from it finally. Now, my business is doing well and growing thankfully. There is no quick scheme to get you to where you want to go except putting in the work and doing it smartly.

The thing is, our money stories are created from mindset, what our parents beliefs were and how we filtered those beliefs, our own belief in our self-worth, and what we believe we can do in our lives.

The GREAT news is all of this can change. This is exactly why this compilation book is one to be a part of as it will change the way people look at money, their business, their income from their career, and their lives.

In This Book:

There will be real stories shared, expert opinions and strategies taught to help our readers bust through their money stories, get out of debt, find freedom from scarcity mindset, and learn how to create the abundance that we all want.

Apply today to be one of our inspirational authors if you have a money story that needs to be shared with the world.

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